Mother’s Day Gift Guide Board!

5 Areas I write on A Bubbly Life, thus 5 Gifts!  I am pretty sure that is how it works??  It is my FIRST Mother’s Day and all…
Chevron & silver, two loves in one! I know, I know… drawer liners do not sound like a great gift.  But I saw these and a ton of crafting ideas came to mind.
Notebook covers, picture backgrounds, etc… and of course lining drawers.  (I love colorful organization!)
Well, it would not be an inspiration board without one of my favs- Marc Jacobs 
(sold out everywhere! 🙁 
I love clutches even more now that I am a Mom!   Clutches typically mean a date night- because I am without the huge load of baby products!
DIY- Time!  
Glorious, free, uninterrupted, quiet, blissful, silent (you get the point…)-  time.
While this may be a “free” gift, it is certainly a precious one!
Source- YOU!   (*Also can be given under any other category)

Foodie-  Slate Cheesboard

I have coveted this for years and now that I am redoing a dining table in white, the black slate would be an awesome contrast on the table.  (*ahem*- Nick- *ahem*)

Mommyhood- Name Necklace
You child’s name on a necklace! I got mine already 🙂 Wrote about it here.  Wearing her name- perfect Mother’s Day gift!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Mother’s Day! Be kind to your Moms!
We all know the best gifts are the smiles, snuggles and love from our little ones. The physical gifts are just the icing on the cake.

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  1. ellysan

    May 10th, 2012 at 4:13 am

    Have a Great First Mother's Day!!!!

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