3 Glam Pumpkins! Glitter Halloween DIY

If you remember, I cannot cut a straight line… This holds true for carving pumpkins.  I am TERRIBLE at it.  Every year, I carve one and my husband laughs at my pathetic one, while he can carve a small village on his…

So, revenge is sweet, because I decided to use glitter on some pumpkins this year! (My husband is sick of glitter on his clothes)

To cover your entire pumpkin in glitter, follow these VERY easy instructions.

Mod Podge
Foam Brush

– Brush mod podge all over pumpkin.
 * If your pumpkin is large, do one side at a time so that the mod podge does not dry up while glittering.
– Pour glitter on pumpkin.
– Do the glitter shake and remove all excess.

I like to use double sided tape when possible in glitter projects to create smooth lines (it is a great, easy way to glitter!).

On the pumpkin here I used the tape to create a K for Kalia! (who else?)

Double Sided Tape
Tiny painting brush

– Apply double sided tape in shape desired (curvier letters like B, C, D and P, are harder, but it is possible if you cut the tape.  Most other letters are quite simple straight lines to make!)
– Pour glitter over the taped area.
– Use the small painter’s brush to sweep away glitter that is outside the taped area.

And you are done!  (I also painted my pumpkin white)

And finally, a quickie glitter pumpkin- I used the double sided tapes to create a couple stripes on the pumpkins here:

Which one is your favorite?  I lean towards the K because I love anything Kalia!

Hope you enjoy my glitter, sparkle version of Halloween!

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13 Replies to “3 Glam Pumpkins! Glitter Halloween DIY”

  1. I like the striped one. And, yes, you'll probably be finding glitter on everything for a week or two. Maybe he'll learn his lesson and not pick on you about your carving skills.

    Happy Sharefest.

  2. LOOOOOVE! Your projects are always so pretty, they never let me down 🙂 And I can't cut a straight line either, even with a paper cutter. You should have seen me last night trying to cut rectangles out of paper, it was ridiculous. Thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursday 🙂

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