Magazine File Stamped DIY

Making over a magazine file is a very simple DIY, and in my case, MUCH needed.  You have seen peeks of my office on the blog before and if you notice there is always a stack of magazines.

For the photos, they are nicely stacked and most are tossed to the side and left out of the picture (bloggers’ dirty secrets… our rooms are never that clean…especially mine)

I picked up a magazine holder at the thrift store one day and decided to redo it to match my office.

Magazine file*
Craft Paint
Stamp (I made my own, using a triangle foam sticker attached to a wooden block)
*You can skip the thrift store on this one and pick up a set of 2 white magazine holders over at IKEA for only $4.99!  It will save you the step of painting white (my desired look)


1) Using the paintbrush, apply a thin layer of paint to the stamp.*
2) Press firmly but with a light touch (you do not want it to slide) onto magazine holder.
3) Repeat until you have enough stamps on the magazine holder!
4) Touch up any areas with paintbrush.

*Why don’t I just dip the stamp in paint and stamp away?  You get either too much or too little paint on the stamp, applying the correct amount with a paint brush gets you the right stamp every time! (Trust me, I learned from experience 🙂

The DIY took me only minutes and I love the look and it is well used.  I will probably pick more up at IKEA for my shelves.

Use any stamp or color you want!  Foam stickers make great DIY stamps- Stick a foam sticker on a wood block (or an old stamp, as I did with mine)  and you are done!  My wood block was an owl stamp, I bet an owl would look cute on a magazine holder…

Pink Ombre Cork Board DIY & Concrete Metallic Neon Planter also shown (as is my iPad playing my Glee playlist 🙂

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