DIY Ikea Hack Floating Shelves Color Block

A few months back, when baby C was still in the womb, I ordered some gold metallic brass contact paper for a diy project I had in mind.  I ended up dumping the project idea-  because hormones. But I still had some lovely contact paper for the future.  DIY supplies never go unused long around here 🙂

And in came these floating shelves from IKEA:

Don’t you love floating shelves? I do!

I am not a stylist- my shelf styling is called “Laurel puts pretty things she likes on a shelf”  It almost looks perfect but:

I thought the shelves could use a pop of color- and this is where the contact paper came in:

Easy!  I forgot to take pictures, but the instructions are measure the shelf, cut the measurement and stick on! Pretty easy!

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