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Another, more personal post is here today!! Amy at Homey oh My asked me to participate in a blog hop that has been going around and I loved the idea- Also, Amy is pretty much the sweetest person ever and you just can’t say no to her! If you are unfamiliar with Amy, be sure to check out her amazing blog- I love everything- but a couple of my favorites are her floral monogram (gorgeous!) and NO sew pillows .

Now onto the blog hop questions!

What am I working on?

I have been on a non-stop IKEA kitchen cabinet assembly line for about 3 days now- we are remodeling our house and the kitchen area is the current spot being done.  The remodel will not show up on blog for awhile- we are in this for the long haul.  It is both very exciting and very difficult living in the house under construction with two small children. Send wine.

My daughter is 6.5 months old and I still have not finished her nursery, but I am working on 3 little projects for Colette’s nursery- these will be done and on blog shortly!

Also, because building IKEA cabinets does not make for a pretty picture, I included the picture above to show some cute items from Colette’s nursery 🙂

How does my work differ from those in my genre?

The diy projects above are some of my favorites. I tend to be a bit more pink and sparkley (is that a word?) with my diys.  I prefer that my diys are quick and easy, so my focus is on the busy individual with little free time who still likes to take time to be creative. And who likes pink. And sparkles.  
My advent calendar is not pink or sparkley, but it is one of my all time favorite projects, so I included it anyhow.  I have a plastic animal craft addiction.

Why do I write/create what I do?

The short answer: Miss Kalia Stavros.  This photo was taken during Christmastime (in case the tree and lights and Kalia’s Santa hat did not tip you off already…) 6 weeks before I started the blog, but I was working on design and projects at this time.

I wanted to spend time on creative projects and blog about them but I was so busy with a career, life and excuses that I never did.  After I had my daughter, the pressure came over me (a good kind of pressure) to do all the things I said I wanted to do, to be an example to her and hopefully have her one day look up to me as a Mom, friend and woman.  I quit my business career about 1 year after I started the blog. I realized the best way to show my daughter (and now I have 2!) that dreams are achievable was by living my own dream.
Now, I cannot imagine a life without it.  And after a long day with the girls- painting, creating (with some wine 😉 is the best thing ever for me to relax!

How does your creative/writing process work?

My husband asked me this often and I never could think of an answer that explained my process; my reply often turned into a rambling monologue, and he would zone out after 10 minutes…  When I found this quote, I was so excited to show him because it encapsulates what I think about creativity.

The non-philosophical reply is: I complete a project, photograph the steps and final result, edit photos and typically write tutorials the day before I post.  I would LOVE to be more on top of things, but I totally suck at work/life balance.

The weird reply is: I get A LOT of ideas by holding an object in my hand and thinking about it… What ways could this be used differently than its’ original purpose? What do I need for my office/bedroom/nursery/kitchen? Would this look good pink? 😉

Next on the blog hop! 
My girlfriend, Katie, blogs over at Life With A Dash Of Whimsy- a lifestyle blog with the greatest interior design posts and so much more.  She had an AH-mazing tour of her home on The Everygirl. She is super awesome, inspiring and beautiful inside and out.

I met Kristi over at a couple weeks ago and I L-O-V-E her blog and especially love her Leather Couch Chronicles posts– she is ridiculously creative.  I am so lucky she lives in Arizona and cannot wait for more coffee dates and events with her!!

A Bubbly Life is on BlogLovinFacebookTwitter,  Pinterest & Instagram– I would love for you to join me there!

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