DIY Gem Cake Toppers

Parties, cake, diamonds, color!  I pretty much love everything here!  One of my first ideas for Colette’s first birthday party was a “You’re A Gem” theme.  However, I went with a different theme (under wraps for now 😉 but this idea was one of my first in the party planning stage.  I still may keep them for her cake and definitely keeping them as cocktail stirrers (for other parties not my one year old’s…) 

Diamond table scatterers (clear plastic, the ones in material list are already painted 🙂
Drill with 1/16th bit
Paint Brushes
Superglue or another fast acting glue, hot glue
Bamboo Skewers or Thin Wooden Dowels

* I scored mine at the thrift store for $2, but most any party site has them!

How to Make Gem Cake Toppers!

Drill a hole through the bottom of the diamond.
My box had 3 different sizes of diamonds, the small ones were nearly impossible to drill, but the bigger ones are much easier!

Put glue in hole, insert skewer!


Also, makes a great drink stirrer- perfect for any You’re a Gem Party, engagement, wedding shower party!

I love them and the colors!

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