Happy 2015!

A new year and a new look for A Bubbly Life!! I had my logo redone a couple months ago but with the holidays and posting 5 days a week (which is a ton for me!) I decided to hold off on the reveal.  A new year, a new look, new goals, clean slate- it just sounded like the right time!

2014 was a great year and a challenging one (aren’t they all?) On the personal side of things, I had my second precious girl, Colette, on January 16th 2014.  We brought her home from the hospital and she has not stopped smiling and laughing.  She is the happiest little baby, I just want to eat her up.
On the challenging side, I had an injury during labor and had difficulty walking, moving around for quite some time which contributed to my postpartum depression.  At 5.5 months postpartum, I finished up physical therapy and was finally back at the gym.  At 6.5 months postpartum, I ended my therapy for ppd and moved towards recovery.  With those challenges behind me, I was able to focus on the daily challenges- like going from one to two girls!

Professionally, I stepped back for a bit.  A new baby, a toddler and my physical and mental setbacks meant something had to give and I chose to relieve some of the pressure by relaxing my professional ambitions.

Well, hellllloooooooo 2015, I am back.  I head to Alt Summit in a couple weeks, have a new look on the blog and if these last ten pounds of stubborn baby weight would flipping go away, I am back to my “new” normal.

Thank you for reading A Bubbly Life, thank you for staying on through any lapses in posts and thank you to all my guest posters and fellow bloggers that helped me out after Colette was born!

P.S. I also updated my About Me page, feel free to check it out.  And, yes I know, I need a photo, working on it!!

xoxo, Laurel

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