DIY Mini Fringe Tassels Drink Straws

The final DIY from the Boho Themed Party with Modify Ink! Which one was your favorite? DIY Tambourines or DIY Floral Paper Lantern or these mini fringe drink straws?!  I cannot make up my mind, I loved them all!  Mini fringe tassels are pretty much the cutest things ever.  They are super easy to make and instantly make your drink better.

Paper Straws- Tomkat Studio has a great selection (plastic straws will not be strong enough for the tie)
Embroidery floss

Cut two strands from the floss and cut each one of those in half for a total of four threads.  Set aside.

Cut the embroidery floss in half.  Fold it over and tie to create a loop on top.

Tie a string in middle (this will be the loop on top) the mini tassels are so small, it is hard to add the string at the end as you may do in normal tassel making.

Fold over and tie in middle to create your tassel.  (I used a different color so it was easier to see)

Cut the bottom of the fringe.

Using the string from the top of the loop that you tied on- tie it to your straw!

These mini tassels are so cute, they can be used anywhere- add them to any party utensil!

Cheers Or Eat Cake!  Both are great advice in my opinion!

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