2016 Reader Survey Results

Thank you so much to everyone who took time to answer the survey!  You guys are awesome! 

45% of survey respondents have been reading ABL under a year! And you took the survey- You are awesome.  I am so glad you want to help improve the blog!!
And, 18% of you have been here since the beginning (thanks to my immediate family 😉

Your favorite & want you want MORE of:
1) DIY
I share DIY 1-2 times a week, and until the girls go to school, I am not sure I can do more! I want to! You should see my DIY idea list, it is longggggg…  But, I am going to make a concerted effort for 2 a week.

You want more:
2) Home Tour- Good news! We finished our house remodel and I will be sharing a lot more of my home this year- not just that one corner that gets fab lighting.

3) The Creative Entrepreneur (Biz of Blogging posts) & Party Crafts & Recipe/Cocktails were pretty much tied.  Although, probably a slightly confusing question since Party crafts may fall under DIY as well.  My bad.

Least Favorite Posts:
Product Roundups- I only do a handful of these a year, so I will stick to that or lose them all together.

Have you done a DIY/recipe from A Bubbly Life?

Whew hoo!!! My favorite answer!  42% of you have done a DIY/recipe from A Bubbly Life.  My goal on ABL is to make DIYs I think anyone can do- with little no-how, not so special tools and little time on their hands. Basically, me.  I do not know what I am doing (although I have learned a lot in 4 years), I have 2 little girls who run the show and I like to make things.  The easiest way possible. Glue is my bestie.
Also 42% was huge to me, I would have been happy with 5 people doing a DIY.

Questions for me:

How would you define creativity?

Woah.  I was expecting what my fav food was.  I loveeee this question so much that I am going to dedicate a whole post to it soon.  (Haha, be careful what you wish for, am I right?) 

What blogs do you like to read?

I am more a Pinterest/Craftgawker reader of blogs, picking up things that strike my interest.  I find if I read the same blogs consistently, it screws up my creativity. Creativity requires a hefty amount of fearlessness and reading blogs can inhibit that for me (and I emphasize for me, I am sure it doesn’t mess with a lot of people).  Ones that I consistently find I pin are- The Merrythought and Sugar & Charm.

What’s your favorite post?

I love when I have shared my business experience in the series The Creative Entrepreneur.  My favorite DIY post changes up year to year, but my current favorite DIY is my copper edged mirror– it was just so easy to do and I really love it.  I have it hanging in my living room and sometimes I look at it and I am like, I cannot believe I made that. Ha.  Which sounds like I am bragging, but it just was one of those projects that came out better than I envisioned.   Other things I love- copper pipe ipad holder and wine holder– used daily.  So, I guess I love more of the home, useful DIYs?

For these next two questions, my post on working at home as a Mom is more thorough!

Is blogging your full time job?

Yes and no.  I am first a Mom to my 2 girls who are both home with me, which means I have to ditch the blog sometimes to take care of them etc.  I blog full time in the standard sense- as I work at least 40 hours a week on it and my freelance work.  However, the blog requires more like 80plus hours a week to be a “huge” success and I cannot dedicate that time right now.

How do you blog and stay at home with the kids?  (I got this question a lot)
The post I link to above has actionable pieces on how I juggle being a Mom & the blog. But, in a sorta long nutshell (haha), I try my best and I struggle and I succeed and I fail and I jump up & down at opportunities I never thought I would get and I cry, freak out and stress.  I have a supportive husband.  It is not easy.  But, I l do not want to give up my time at home with girls.  I also am in the wonderful position to love the work that I do.  So, I make it work because I am not a complete person unless I am creating.

Thank you for reading and here is to a great 2016!!

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