Party Hack- Disco Ball Balloon Weights

Sometimes, I have party/DIY ideas that I feel do not require a full post and therefore it does not make the blog. I am coming up on my 4 year blogging anniversary (stay with me, I only digress a little bit) And, I am reminiscing over those days.  When I first started blogging, I used to take photos and post them so I could learn how to take better photos.  Example- my 9th blog post ever- Spring Forward– and I took photos of flowers… 
Here is the 2016 version of A Bubbly Life, some fun photos with a mini party hack. 
Disco balls used as balloon weights.  I post these because I get comments from every party where I use them.  Are you using the cheesy balloon weights that come with balloons?  Get rid of them and rock some disco balls or maybe even a flamingo that you thrifted and spray painted gold.  Whatever your awesome heart desires.  Rock that shiznit.  It even holds those huge 36 inch balloons that you see at every party nowadays.

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