DIY Painted Wood Place Mats

These painted wood place mats are soooo simple to make and I love the simplicity and beauty of the wood on the white tablecloth. Thanksgiving is around the corner and entertaining season is here! You can use any color and design you want and add an unexpected texture to your table this year for Thanksgiving!


Wood Rectangle Plaques (available at craft stores, bring your 40% off coupon to save!)
Paint Brush
Spray Shellac

You can make any design you want, I just used a scrap piece of paper to make my decision. Straight lines/dashes, triangles, arrows, polka dots, I was all over the place and went with the pattern you see here, not sure what to call this pattern? And, you can have it both ways- upside down rainbow (blue plate shots)? (what my girls call it) or the right side up rainbow (pink plate shots)

Also, I forgot to take any photos during the tutorial to show you the process. When I paint I get in a zone and I am also suffering from major pregnancy brain. I put the leftovers of last night’s dinner in the pantry and put the pepper grinder in the fridge. Soooooo…. let’s all be happy that I remember to put on pants right now. It is the little things that count, right?

After painting, let dry. I recommend shellacking them since the wooden placemats will be used with food and drinks and may be difficult to stay clean. I use a clear spray for shellac to try and keep the natural wood color. To be honest, it is NOT the greatest protector for my natural wood items but it does work better than untreated. If you want to darken your wood or change the color though, use regular shellac and you are good to go with making some messes!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Entertaining this Holiday Season!!!

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