Party Hacks for A Super Easy Fast Clean Up!

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The big game is almost here and we love to have everyone over for the it!! I love hosting parties and the big game is a great excuse to throw a party and have some fun! When planning parties, I put a lot of thought into the clean up afterwards, which involves preparation beforehand. I am exhausted after parties but have to start my nighttime routine, packing lunches, baths, story time, kids to bed, etc… I am getting tired just writing it down! These party hacks make it easy to prepare yourself for a SUPER easy, fast cleanup.

I usually cook something in bulk to save time- a chili bar is always a good idea or I bake tons of chicken wings before guests arrive. I hate to cook while guests are here and the game is on; I like to sit and relax during the game (or in my case the commercials and halftime show 😉

Go disposable. If I am serving a large party for an event like a game (where the focus is not on a dinner party) I use disposable items. Plates, cups, silverware, etc…

It is easy to lose a plastic cup in a sea of plastic cups and instead of writing names, I think putting an individual sticker on each one is a fun way to identify your cup! For the big game, you can get football stickers, but my parties still run like I do (as in a dash of pink & girly), so I chose a fun sheet design.

Instead of providing a variety of beverages, make a punch & large water container. One punch means there are not several drinks to clean up and make a mess.

Use a disposable tablecloth or white wrapping paper. I use white in case I want to add decoration to the tablecloth, you can use a marker and draw any design, but in this case I went with confetti for the table (also disposable)!

I have everyone toss their used plates, cups, etc… on table after party, I gather the disposable tablecloth up to collect it all and dump in trash bag! One sweep and it is done!

The new Glad ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection trash bags will hold ALL the things, it is Glad’s Best Bag Ever.

Ok, I circled the part you should be looking at here, because I am a bit nuts about how awesome these trash bags are. They have a new RipGuard technology that makes them super strong- that bulge is a fork in the bag and it is NOT ripping. It is amazing and it’s these little things that make me realize I am a total Mom now. It is worth the extra cost not to have a bag that breaks and requires more clean up after all the trash falls to floor.

I purchased the Glad ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection bags at Target (along with most of the decor & snacks!) One stop shopping is also another time saving party hack I love to use 🙂 You can spot the Glad bags on an end cap at Target for easy pick up.

Also, Nick & I competed who could hold the bag the longest (sorry for the blur, he was shaking because the garbage was so heavy & he definitely won’t like me sharing that little tidbit, haha). He won and I used my 9 month pregnancy as a VERY valid excuse. But, I seriously filled this bag with so much junk and it was SO heavy. And it did not break and I got to tease Nick for shaking while holding it. Marriage. So fun.

Enjoy watching the big game and the super fast cleanup afterwards!

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  1. sara a

    January 22nd, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    ok, I love love love the idea of putting the stickers on the cups!

  2. laurelstavros

    January 30th, 2018 at 6:32 am

    Simple is sometimes best, Thank you Sara!

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