How I Became A Cloth Diaper Addict!

I unexpectedly enjoy and love using cloth diapers for Kalia.  Cloth diapering was something I just wanted to try, I was not particularly gung ho about it and now I have developed a full blown obsession.  

Pre- Birth- 

Why I wanted to Cloth Diaper-

1) Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals! Disposable diapers are loaded with them- including known cancer linked chemicals.  I did not want Kalia’s precious bum in these 24-7 for years of her life.
2) Environment–  Throwing out piles of disposable diapers that will take hundreds of years to decompose was not something I was thrilled about doing.  Even if I cannot prevent the mounds of waste the world creates, I can do my part to leave the next generation some piece of the beautiful Earth.

Um, ew

For actual facts & statistics, check out The Real Diaper Association  
Image via EarthCrunchyMama

That was all, two reasons and I wanted to try it out.  I told myself 2 months and if it was a hassle, I would give it up.  It was not like breastfeeding, where I promised myself I would keep going and going even when it got hard, cloth diapers was something I was just willing to try.
8 Months Later-
Why I STILL Cloth Diaper-
1) It is easy!– Sure, I do a couple more loads of laundry a week but I also never run out of diapers and never have to make a quick run to store (runs to the store are never “quick” with a baby…)
2) It saves us oodles of money!– This is my husband’s favorite reason we cloth diaper. Our original upfront cost was about $300, (and they were gifted to us- add them to your registry!) therefore, our initial cost for the actual diapers was in fact zero. I have since spent money (see Number 4) on accessories we needed. Diapers are never factored into a monthly budget! $300 until Kalia is potty trained AND I can use them on our next baby is a crazy amount of savings.
3) No POOP blowouts! Kalia has been in disposables twice in her life- the first 2 weeks as a newborn and once again when she was 6 months old and we were staying at a friend’s for 3 weeks.  It was a terrible experience.  Oftentimes when she pooped, it would go straight up her back!  I had way too many ruined outfits (see #2 again) and the hassle of cleaning all that up!  The 3 week period at our friend’s made both my husband and I never, ever want to use disposables again.

4) They are flipping A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I love matching Kalia’s outfits with a pink, blue, owl print  and so forth diaper.  This is where a little more money spent came in, I have bought a couple cutesy prints I could just not resist…  Check out my cutie!

If you have any questions about cloth- let me know!! And be forewarned, there will be more cloth diaper posts coming, including What Do I Do With Poo? (the most common question I get!)

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  1. What kind are you using? And what do you do with the poo?
    Baby making will likely be happening in the next year or two and I've always just assumed I would use cloth diapers but my husband thinks I'll try and quit shortly after due to all the shit (pun intended) that goes along with it.

  2. It is informative post. The baby looks so sweet. I used disposable diapers for my first child but i would like to try cloth diapering on my second child since i am now a stay at home mom and can dedicate time to it!

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