BlogHer12- What to Bring?

My blog is only 4 months old, so BlogHer 12 will be my very first bloggers conference!
I am so excited to go and meet other bloggers and gain more knowledge about the blogging world.  Also, it is my first weekend away from my daughter EVER, so, please be kind to the crying girl in the corner (ha, that will so totally not be me)

Like anything big coming up in my life, I use it as an excuse to shop, so after getting my ticket a couple weeks ago, the shopping and lists for essentials has begun…

Here are 5 of my picks!

1- Big Ole Scarf– Although I have not gone to a blogger’s convention, I have been to other hotel conventions- and they are COLD.  I rather be cold than hot, so I am grateful, but I come prepared- a big chic scarf to wrap myself in is the perfect solution.

2- Tory Burch ballernina flats or other comfortable shoe (just because it is comfy does not mean it has to be ugly!)  I am beginning to feel like my Mom- suggesting to keep warm and wear comfy shoes… but, Mom is usually right!

3- Pencils– These pencils include inspirational sayings like “Make Today Count” “Write from the Heart”- perfect for writing, blogging and taking notes!

4- Kate’s Paperie Notebooks– I love my iPad & MacBook, but I have a ridiculous slight obsession with notebooks… I love them and take them with me everywhere.  So, of course I need a new one for my first bloggers conference.  Kate’s Paperie’s are stylish, small enough to fit in my bag and affordable- only $6.95!

5-Baggu Reusable Bag– Notsomuch a convention tip, but always my packing tip.  Baggu bags are awesome, they fit in a tiny lil envelope & expand to hold 2-3 times the amount.  The convention is in NYC- if I get 5 free minutes, I WILL shop…also from what I have heard, you may get lots of swag. Just bring along the bag and you can bring it as an additional carry-on when if you go overboard with shopping in NYC.

Of course, do not forget your business cards and iPhone (to Facetime with the 13 month old you are leaving for 3 days 🙁 !

Cannot wait to meet you all, leave me a comment or tweet me and let me know you will be there- would love to meet!

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  1. Breonna says:

    I've been blogging a couple years and I just signed up for a conference so that's awesome you're going to one so quickly! I'm sure you'll have an awesome time.
    as digital as I am, I still love a good notebook! must check these out.

  2. Stopping by from Fashion Friday. Great picks! Color helps you stand out at this busy conference.


  3. Marcy says:

    Great ideas. I haven't been to a blogging conference, but hope to make it to one someday.

    -Visiting from the Saturday Sharefest.

  4. Looks like some good picks. The scarf is a good idea. I'm always cold!

    I'll be at BlogHer '12 as well. I just found out I'll even be speaking. So excited!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    • Laurel says:

      Thank you Jennifer! I love scarves and I will use any excuse to wear them! All the writing labs were filled when I looked, so I will miss you speaking- they went so fast!

  5. Love these picks! I always pack flats or flip flops in my bag because as much as I love heels and wedges they are not an all day thing!

  6. trina says:

    Sensible shoes are a must! I went to Blog Her in San Diego and you do alot of walking. Or standing and talking. May as well be comfy! And don't forget the business cards!

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