Thrifty Tuesday- Tray Makeover!

Trays are not the most exciting thing in the world to find at the thrift store, but when I saw the tray on the left a month or two ago, I loved the shape and since I needed something to throw down my keys and sunglasses in by the door I picked it up.  For a $1 thought I could make it look pretty and if I failed, it was $1.

You may have seen it already as I sent the quickie makeover via my Instagram awhile back (I am @abubblylife on Instagram, come follow me! )

I picked up the round one last week for $1 as well, I loved the rounded tray and the handle! I am not sure it will stay where it is now, but it is a keeper for the house!

The before shots of both!

The bad news is since I did not seal it, the keys have scratched the tray up a bit.  I can live with it though! But if you try it at home, you should seal it.

I also made a little glitter pumpkin this weekend for a touch of Fall!

It is SO easy to makeover.   For a two color stripe look:
– Spray paint using the lighter color as the base and leave a few hours or overnight to dry.  *If you tape too soon after painting, the paint can come off when you lift.  Spray paint does dry fast, but it is best to leave for a bit to avoid lifting.

– Tape up (I wanted stripes) and spray paint your other color! You have to be patient and wait a bit for it to dry and then you can take the painter’s tape off.  *You do not need to wait a few hours as the bottom base has dried and will not lift, you can lift at whatever your can of spray paint says for drying time

Ripping off painter’s tape and seeing the final product is one of my favorite things to do, lol!

I had to include this shot of Kalia “helping” me!!
Since I had the spray paint and painter’s tape, the project only cost me a $1 per tray and was an easy way to glam up my hallway.  I also needed it so I stop losing my freaking keys, which has not worked because in the picture are my spare keys because I could not find my real keys, lol.

Have you found anything interesting lately? Or NOT interesting that you worked some DIY magic on?

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  1. ellysan says:

    Great idea and the price is right!!!

  2. vicky says:

    Such a cute and easy idea…and I love the color combo! You are a craft master, lady!

  3. So pretty! Love the stripes. And gotta love the little hand in the last picture! I've got a helper too, and if there aren't hands in the photo, there's toys or crayons or food… too cute!

  4. Kellie Deyo says:

    I like that silver handle on the round tray! you could use that to hang your sunglasses or wrap headphones around it! My boyfriends headphones are such an eye sore on my little entryway tray (he keeps them there to grab when he goes to workout)I would love to have a tray with that handle!

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