Surprise Guests? Impromptu 5 Minute Dinner!

Last Friday, I had the one of my wonderful girlfriends come visit me for the weekend. However, she arrived Friday evening, and with my husband out of town and an adorable toddler, I did not have anytime for dinner plans-  so, I went to my delicious, simple fall back for an impromptu dinner!  A dinner ready in five minutes (sorry, Rachael Ray) is what I need some days!

Using a mix of what I had on hand and a quick run to Trader Joe’s (I love that place!) and dinner was served within 5 minutes! (not shown is the delicate thinly sliced prosciutto- I did not want to break it!)  

It is pretty much a charcuterie plate, but I feel like I am cheating leaving off cornichons and baguettes, so purists will not let me call it that!

Wine, cheese and cured meats is really all you need…  The rest is up to you! I raid my fridge and I typically have all ingredients- except the cured meats- I cut deli meats from my diet, so now I have to go buy them (but I miss having them, so it is great to have on occasion!) 

But, I always have wine and cheese. Always. The absence of either are considered grounds for divorce in my household (husband-cheese) (me-wine)  

So, there you have it, my impromptu 5 minute dinner and TMI about my marriage!

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  1. Saint Jackie says:

    Very Nice.. Nice Wine.. One of the basics should be olives 🙂

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