DIY Plastic Animal Garland

For the jungle baby shower, I wanted to do something cute with little plastic animals and saw a post on Curbly on plastic animal ornaments and it inspired me to do a garland!  
Some of my collection from Goodwill
Plastic animals
Small screw eyelets
Spray Paint
Thin 26 gauge wire for hanging

Thanks to Curbly, I figured out how to hang these suckers for garland! And I got to use a power tool! I never am allowed to because I am the clutziest person ever  get to use one!
I had to get a picture of me in action for it- as seen here,  drill hole in middle and screw the eyelets in.

When all are completed, grab your spray paint and paint! Two coats or more are needed.
To hang the garland I used thin wire so that the animals would stay in place when hanging.  If you use thread, they will slide together unless you hang it tightly in a line.  I wanted the typical curve of a garland for mine, so the wire worked best.
I am forewarning you, I may have had a little fun with conversation bubbles for the rest of the pictures…

I love this little hippo!

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  1. ellysan says:

    Adorable. Could be an alternative Xmas Tree idea next year?

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