Pom Pom Tablecloth DIY

I love pom poms!

I re-puporpsed a thrifted sheet to make the tablecloth- my THIRD repurposed sheet turned tablecloth DIY- I love using sheets for tablecloths, as long as the material is right- it works great (and is VERY affordable) Also, just like my other three tablecloth DIYs- it is a NO sew tablecloth!

Pom Pom Tablecloth DIY

Tablecloth- I used a thrifted white ruffled sheet that I picked up for $1
Pom Poms- I used 1/2 inch size
Fabric Glue

Directions: (Super easy, this should not be called a tutorial…)
Wash, then iron (blech, and do a better job than I did…) before using.
Glue each individual pom pom to the tablecloth.  Let dry!

I used about 125 pom poms for my tablecloth- I originally bought only 25- ha! not even close!

My tablecloth size was 72X72, including the ruffle which I chose not to pom pom- (Is pom pom a verb? I just made it one- whew hoo!) and I chose to space the pom poms 5 inches apart.

5 inches is approximate- sometimes I went 4, 6, 7…  I did not measure each distance because I am lazy not a perfectionist like the random placement!

Here is the final product without accessories on the table- well , except the wrinkles from my ironing skills (or lack thereof)

If you want to use it as an event tablecloth- I would keep the pom poms a good distant apart so that it is easy to place plates, glasses, etc on the table.  The 5 inches worked well and I had enough space.  

I cannot guarantee these will not come off when you wash.  I used washable fabric glue but given the nature of pom poms- I will be using a mesh bag and no spin cycle for the wash.  I am not testing it until after Kalia’s party is over though!

So, I love it! It came out better than I expected and really, the colors and combinations are endless.

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