Alt Summit SF Recap & Inspiring Takeaways

Alt Summit SF was last week and I had a wonderful, inspiring (and exhausting) time!  

Before I get to some pictures (as if I did not inudate Instagram enough), my top 5 take aways!

1) Do not underestimate yourself.  Look bigger than you are. Think big. – A recurrent theme throughout the conference amongst many speakers.  Inspiring to us small, I mean BIG, bloggers.

2) An idea rarely works on its first try. – I must say, as a DIY blogger, I live this one often 😉

3) Secret to survival- strong & supportive husband (partner, spouse) – I am so thankful I have one of these.  I could not do anything I do without Nick’s support, encouragement and belief in me. (I love you, honey)

4) Invest in yourself.- Going to Alt Summit was definitely an investment, but I keep putting of photography classes, styling and other classes I want/need to take because of limited time.  I need to set down my class goals and work on them!

5) The journey is the reward.  I love this statement- do not forget to focus on the ride and enjoy it, all while reaching and working towards your goals.

In addition to the inspiring talks, we also had time to party!! (as much partying as a pregnant woman can do- sparkling water anyone? comfy chair?) 

The conference ended with a party at the Pinterest headquarters- “Alice in Pinterland”. To say I was excited to go, would be an understatement- the party was amazing and I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend.  Thank you Pinterest and Alt Summit for making it possible!!

The back of me at Pinterest headquarters!

The Mad Hatter & I

Thank you also to all the wonderful sponsors!  

A few special mentions- 
I had a wonderful dinner with Joss & Main (and won a pillow!)
Met the amazing people at Bing! (They are now my default search engine!)
Mailchimp gave away monkey hats, which Kalia is in LOVE with and forces me to wear and make monkey noises while wearing…

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Pics are off my phone, with the exception of one from Alt Summit’s Flickr

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