Fig Prosciutto Goat Cheese Crostini

Figs are in season right now and you have about a month more to enjoy their deliciousness!  I love figs, I grew up with a fig tree in my yard and I remember picking them off as a kid when they were ripe, yummmmm…  I can still eat them all by their lonesome but here I have paired them with some of my favorite flavors for a yummy bite (or two).
Fig Prosciutto Goat Cheese Crostini
makes about 12-16 slices

6-8 Figs thinly sliced- each fig makes 4-5 thin slices
Mini Baguette sliced
8 ounces Goat Cheese (room temperature*)
4-5 slices of Prosciutto- each slice cut into 3 sections
3-4 sprigs of Thyme
Black Pepper to taste
Honey to taste
*Room temperature goat cheese is much easier to spread!
Preheat Broiler.
Spread goat cheese onto each baguette slice (a healthy amount 😉 Sprinkle a couple thyme leaves on top and black pepper to taste.
Layer a thin slice of prosciutto on top of the goat cheese.   Put 2-3 slices of the fig on top of the prosciutto layer. 
Add all completed crostini to an aluminum foil lined baking sheet.  
Drizzle honey** on top of all crostini.
Broil for 1:30 seconds, watch the time carefully- it can burn easily!  Heat varies on your oven, so keep an eye on your first batch (or better yet do a sample size of 4 to get time!)
**I am intolerant to honey (it can make my throat swell if I have too much) but I still love honey & figs, so I use very little honey.  
The sweetness of the honey cuts the saltiness of the prosciutto, depending on your taste buds, go with more honey for sweetness, less if you want a little more saltiness.

Broiling them perfectly crisps the baguette, prosciutto and caramelizes the honey on top of the fig.  It is most tasty when eaten warm!

Hope you enjoy and try at home- we love it!!

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