Ugly Sweater Parties With Target!

*Post in partnership with Target— all opinions are my own*

Ugly sweater parties are one of my favorite Christmas celebrations, tied with white elephant gift parties- I like to combine both party themes at one party!

Target came out with a line of hilariously ugly sweaters- and when asked to share about them, I had to agree to it, because- well, look:

My Target was sold out of this one!  Cats + Santa Hats= awesome

I liked this one too, but green is more my color (below)

My favorite was the nutcracker one-

Does this sweater make my belly look big? 😉 32 & a half weeks along!

I always like to take things a bit further (a consummate partier, I suppose)- Target’s dollar spot has a ton of different Christmas themes headbands and I like to “serve” them in a bowl and have guests take pictures in them.  I am not sure the guests love it, but I do 🙂 (I feed them well, so they do what I ask) 

Another ugly sweater tip?  Head to the decor section at Target- hang ornaments to the sweater or a tinsel garland scarf- really ugly it up!

Follow the #hilariousholiday tag on social media and check out all the pictures of ugly sweaters and Target’s hilarious line for the holidays!  I will be sharing more pictures on my Instagram with the tag (I go to Target a lot…)

   Post brought to you by Target, ALL opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors who keep A Bubbly Life around!!

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