DIY Holiday Reindeer Cake Stand

I love little reindeers and my holiday decorating is not complete unless I have a few laying about the house.

Coco Cake Land was my inspiration for using a reindeer to make a cake stand-  Lyndsay, besides being one of the nicest bloggers ever,  makes amazing, beautiful, awesome, wonderful cakes.  I am no baker, so I just look (and drool) but I am a DIYer and I noticed the cutest animal cake stands in her photos, so I had to DIY one!

Glue- liquid nails
Gold spray paint (optional)

* I purchased my reindeer at Home Goods. They have a ton of them, so it is easy to do if you have a Home Goods or TJ Maxx by you.  Costs about $12.  

**I used a standard sized dinner plate, you may want to bring your reindeer along when choosing a plate to see if it would balance correctly.

Optional step-
Spray paint the antlers gold. I love the look! Painter tape him up and spray! (He was plain white, I forgot the before shot)

1) Glue the plate to top of antlers, let dry and cure for at least 24 hours before using.

Isn’t he cute? I just love him!

Some special notes:

He is delicate!  Do not slam him in the car door when bringing him elsewhere, be SO happy it was a clean break and then when sitting down to re-glue slam him into a table, rendering him unable to fly Santa or hold a cake… (Thank goodness Home Goods had more)

Try not to eat all the cookies from the photo shoot yourself. (and try not to be mad that none of the cookie shots made the final cut for blog…)

Merry Christmas! xoxo

P.S.  Giveaway tomorrow for the special little in your life, be sure to come back!

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