My First Year Hiding Christmas Gifts!

This Christmas is especially exciting for our family- it is the first year where Kalia kind of “gets it” and we are sooo excited for Christmas Day and to see her reaction.

This is my first year hiding gifts as well!! Kalia loves looking at any packages or bags I bring in the house so hiding her toys and stocking stuffers are a must.

Wayfair asked me if I wanted any stylish storage to hide my gifts in- and I jumped at the chance!

Ferm living has a geometric black triangle laundry bag in both large and small- I am so obsessed with the design, it holds my towels that I use for craft clean up and now the bottom holds Tinker Bell dolls 🙂

Since I wash the towels often  I am not concerned with any weird smells getting in there!  Maybe a little paint or glitter will show up on the box, but that happens with everything in my house. (Sorry, Nick)

3 Sprouts has some of my favorite storage for a nursery- I have 2 in Kalia’s room and now two for the new baby! They have designs specifically for laundry, they did not when Kalia was a baby,  so the handles on the polar bear are so convenient.  The toy storage comes in a variety of colors and animals- it was hard to choose one (the fox is pretty darn cute!)

Wayfair has all 3 Sprouts on sale until December 10th- a perfect time to grab one (or two)!

They currently hold all Kalia’s old clothes from 0-6 months  waiting to be re-washed and organized for baby number two.  Hiding underneath them are a bunch of little toys for Kalia’s stocking.

These hiding places work so much better than my husband’s car trunk! He kept forgetting it was a hiding spot and almost ruined the surprise a couple times.  Since he only does his own laundry- we are in the clear of any accidents!

What are your favorite hiding spots?  When I was a kid, we always found our gifts, my sister used to un-tape them and rewrap them back up before my parents found out 😉  My parents just hid ours in a closet-  I think laundry will be a good hiding place for years to come- not many kids do laundry or play with it!

If you want more adult storage hiding places (or just stylish storage in general) you can try some tufted storage ottomanshampersunder bed storage products, or woven storage baskets for your closet and more at Wayfair!

*Wayfair sent me the storage pieces to facilitate the post. All opinions are my own. Thank you Wayfair for helping make this year with Kalia special & for adding to my new nursery!
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