Top Ten DIY’s 2013!

2013 was a great year for A Bubbly Life- all thanks to YOU wonderful readers!! I hope to continue to provide DIYS you love and share with others!   I have a lot in the works 😉

Your ten favorites according to google analytics!

10) Gold Glitter Leaf Placecards– This one made the top ten despite only being around for two months!

9) Gold Glam Tray– A simple DIY with spray paint and painter’s tape!

8) Rudolph Inspired Advent Calendar– Only around about 6 weeks and it is number 8! I love, love this calendar & was so excited to share it with you, so glad you loved it too!

7) DIY Jewelry Storage– Made from thrifted materials, a simple DIY that makes a great gift.

6) Back to School Notebook Makeover– This one made the rounds on numerous sites, so I was not surprised to see it in the Top Ten.

5) Sharpie Dishwasher Safe Mugs– Very popular when it first came out, then everyone came back for it around Christmastime- makes a great gift! And it does NOT fade or come off like so many other tutorials found on web.

4) Confetti Party Backdrop– A personal favorite of mine- used at many of my parties and given to friend’s for their parties as well.

3) Paper Bag Vase– Another vase! I love flowers and love the look of them in brown paper.  Simple DIYS are sometimes the best! (also, a great kid craft!)

2) Glitter Tin Can Vase– So easy, so sparkly, so much gold makes this another personal favorite of mine- they currently hold many paintbrushes in my office.

1) DIY Mousepad– Wow, I did not expect this one to take the top spot.  An unplanned DIY- I really needed a mousepad and made one real quick one day.  A Food Network star shared it and that helped boost its’ popularity!

Thank you so much for reading A Bubbly Life!!

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