DIY Valentine’s Duct Tape Basket

Scotch Duct Tape sent me some new colors & patterns to try out for the Valentine holiday- I shared a sneak peek on my Instagram last week 😉 and I decided to make a little basket for Kalia! I think they would also be great for school aged kids to hold all the little Valentine cards they receive.
Kalia loves using her new duct tape basket- and I love that I was able to create an adorable basket using an oatmeal & coffee can- all I needed were some pretty duct tape colors to brighten it up!  I tried to get a picture of Kalia carrying hers around (she filled it with her favorite plastic animals) but toddlers do not SIT STILL!   

Scotch Duct Tape– Pearl White for a base color, then any additional colors you like
Coffee or oatmeal can made from cardboard


Cut your coffee can down, I used my bread knife, but if you are not the cook in the house, I do not recommend using your good knives. ( I was kind and gave myself permission)

Wrap the can in Pearl White duct tape.

Cut out cardboard hearts.

Cover cardboard hearts in duct tape.

Glue one big heart to middle of can and fill can with mini duct tape hearts for a Valentine heart gift!

The colors and patterns I used are: Metallic Cupcakes, Pattern Crazy, Pearl White, and Hot Pink

For handles, poke holes in the side and tie some ribbon or string!

It is a great kid craft- Kalia used the Scotch Duct Tape to cover my extra cardboard hearts-  I just have to make all the cuts for her!

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