DIY Glitter Cake Set

I was at Ikea picking up some supplies for my office/craft room overhaul, when I spotted a plain white cake server set for only $6.

Plain white items are pretty much a dream for a DIY blogger. So many colors and ideas went thru my head and I could not resist buying them. (Lol, yet I went with my typical gold glitter…)  The glitter does NOT shed!!

Ikea white cake server set (or any set)
Gold spray paint
Painters tape
Gold glitter craft paint


1) Grab your painter’s tape and tape up the server to expose the handle only. * (seriously, I forgot to photograph this step!?  But I did- I had terrible pregnancy brain & I am sorry!!)

2) Spray paint, let dry and remove tape.

*You can go without spray painting, but you will need several coats of glitter paint and it will be much less of a bright gold. Alternatively you can use plain gold craft paint, but gold spray paint has much more of the metallic look I like.
** Or you can just leave it as is and not add glitter- the gold handles look pretty awesome!

This brush has seen better days…

3) I applied three coats of gold glitter craft paint to make mine glittery. Because it is craft paint, the glitter does not shed, but you do need multiple coats for a more glittery look.

4) Finish with a gloss spray.

These are not dishwasher safe…  I know…  it is what we all prefer, but since it is my cake utensil set which gets use only a couple times a year, I can suck it up. The price of a glitter cake cutter set in stores is way more money than the approximate $10 I spent here!

Closeup of the glitter:

They are food safe because the paint is only on the handle- the handle is not food safe so be sure to use the right end when cutting and serving your cake 😉

I have no need for more than one cake server set, but I kind of want to buy another and do a different design!  Love the glitter dipped look, but maybe some pink next time? 
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