DIY Washi Tape Holder

I am an avid thrifter, I love the “hunt” and scoring a rare find.  However, I MUST have an idea for my purchase or a use for it at home or a party right away or I cannot buy it.  This little rule prevents me from showing up on the show Hoarders.  But one day I found elephant napkin rings… and I loved them but had NO idea why I would need or want napkin rings.

But, I promised myself I would use them.  I would forget I had them and then would pull them out- staring and holding them waiting for inspiration.  (Usually this works for me)  LOL, well it has nearly been a year according to my Instagram, and I finally came up with a DIY for them!

Napkin rings*
Wooden Dowel
Spray Paint
Washi Tape

* Since I thrifted mine, I do not have a specific reference, you need napkin rings that will have a flat surface on one side and that are heavy enough to hold the washi tape up.  These cute pineapple ones from Zara Home would be adorable!


If you are painting, spray paint the rings and dowel.  (I would personally keep the Zara ones as they are and just spray paint the dowel- totally up to you!)
Allow to dry and stick velcro to dowel and inside of napkin ring.

Hang your washi tape, the velcro allows you to remove used washi tape and add new ones as you get them!

Although I liked the dark wood on the elephants, my craft room is white with pops of color, so the wood did not match.  I need to do a craft room tour one day soon for the blog!

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