Agate Magnet DIY Available on Darby Smart!

I am so very happy to share that one of my recent DIYS- Agate Gemstone Magnets is now available on Darby Smart to purchase and make yourself!

I am sorry, Darby Smart is now closed!  You can find the instructions for this DIY to do at home here


The kit comes with materials to make four agate gemstone magnets and is only $16 (free shipping!)

Also, it includes a gold leaf pen.  I LOVE my gold leaf pen, which I think I have said in every DIY I have ever used it in… I used it on pumpkins and to make paper bag vases.  And I look at it all the time, lovingly, and wanting to use it again and again- it is the perfect metallic shine for a gold lover like me!

So if you have ever looked at one of my DIYs and said- Awesome (which I hope you say at every diy 😉, but I do not feel like going to 3 stores to collect materials (and sourcing agate gemstones is not easy) then this is for YOU!

** Disclosure- This post is not sponsored by Darby Smart, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a designer and have a project kit launched.  I do get a commission off each kit that sells.  

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