Ice Cream Birthday Party- Kalia is 3!

* Warning- this is a photo heavy post! 
I went easy this year for Kalia’s birthday, I did not have the energy with her new little sister around to do as much as I like.  Kalia loves ice cream and I thought an ice cream party would be a perfect idea for her- and simple for me.  I warned everyone that I would only serve ice cream goodies and cake (no one seemed to mind) which cut out a lot of the food prep I typically do.
A very simple buffet:
I used Kalia’s favorite ice cream toppings: gummy bears, sprinkles, cherries and m&m’s. Chocolate syrup, waffle ice cream bowls and sprinkled milk bottles rounded out the simple table.
The ice cream honeycomb backdrop was ridiculously easy- I tried to keep every diy and craft EASY for the party.  Ice Cream Honeycomb DIY 
I stamped everyone’s names to spoons and to name all the ice cream toppings.  I also added words like “Party” and “Rad” (in case I forgot anyone who was coming, lol…)  I only invited family to cut down on the party, so it was an easy detail to do and I do not think time consuming even with a large guest list.
Remember my gold tray makeover? Well, I spray painted it again- all white- then added “sprinkles” with various colored craft paints. The ice cream sprinkle tray was a hit with Kalia and I may add it to her room, or more likely, re-spray it to match another themed party, ha.

There were enough sweet treats at the party, so I filled a bubblegum machine with confetti instead of candy and set it up next to the photo area.  A confetti machine is a much better use for this thrifty find! I now keep this in my office- a very A Bubbly Life addition 😉

Kalia enjoying her ice cream!  I made several ice cream hats for people to wear.  Another of Kalia’s favorite treats is In N Out burger- and they always give her a hat and stickers.  I saved some hats and used card stock and markers to give them an ice cream sprinkle party makeover- Thank you In N out!

The biggest task (and what made Nick say- I thought you were taking it easy this year?)  Was Kalia’s own ice cream truck!  I had so much fun making this for her, she also helped paint the steering wheel and tires (paper plates)

She loved sitting here and “selling”  ice cream!  I wish these photos were better, as the ice cream truck is SO cool.  I stored it in a back room with no ac and I live in Arizona, when I went to reshoot with good lighting…my ice cream truck had melted…an ice cream party catastrophe 😉

This is what it is like trying to take pictures of a 3 year old…

Until next year!  Actually, I now have another daughter who’s first birthday will be in January, holy cr*p I will have to do 2 of these a year!?… I better get back to work!!
If you want more kid party inspiration for the favorite girl in your life:
Her other parties have wayyyy more DIY ideas from when her Mom was not a slacker 😉 
Everything else I pretty much had on hand, if I forgot anything, ask me!

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