An Ode to Summer Part Deux

Summer is ending and as you can tell from my last post, I will miss it!  Kalia and I went on a color hunt to soak up the last days of summer shenanigans.  Color hunts are a game we play where we point out the color of the day all day long.

Inspired by the colors of Juicy Fruit- yellow, red and pink were the colors of the day!  The new Juicy Fruit bubblegum and fruity chews come in two flavors- Original (yellow) and Strawberry (red.) We added in pink to the color hunt because, well, because pink.

We made some of our own color finds using the fruity chews!

The iconic fruit of summer- the pineapple-


Yellow was easy- her favorite beach ball

Prickly pear on a cactus!

We have our very own pink flamingo. Her name is Anna (if you have a young daughter, you know why… pssst it is because of Frozen)

Bubblegum makes me feel like a kid again- who does not love blowing bubbles- Kalia likes popping mine.  She cannot blow bubbles yet, although her attempts are adorable, it pretty much involves her tongue sticking out and gum falling out of her mouth.   In our photo booth shots she tries to pop them here and I think Colette tried to eat it…


Photo booth shots always remind me of Summer- I think it is because of the movie Beaches?  Anyone else? Or is this just a weird me thing?

**This post was sponsored by One2One Network & Juicy Fruit, all opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible

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