DIY Painted Antlers

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the antler arrival and I asked if I should keep it natural or paint it.  The responses were mostly for painting but I was actually leaning towards leaving it natural. 
Then reality came crashing down-  my 8 month old knocks down and chews everything on her level and my 3 year old’s toys litter my coffee table (and are knocked down and chewed on by the 8 month old).  So, my original place for the antlers was out.
I decided it would go in my office and thus unreachable from the 8 month old.  And, if it is in my office- it MUST have color.  Thus, I painted the antlers.  
This isn’t so much a DIY with step by step instructions, as I went with what design I felt like and now want to paint all the antlers everywhere in different designs. 
I used washi tape for my lines and painted with neon pink craft paint and gold liquid leaf.  I took a quick snap while painting instead of my usual proper blogger photos. (also, I sealed it with spray sealant)
I use a mask when I paint the gold leaf because I am still nursing and super paranoid cuz the fumes are like woah.  Liquid gold leaf was only one coat, the neon pink paint required 3-4 coats.
I purchased the antlers via The Organic Antler for only $25.  I am extraordinarily happy with my new art piece for only $25 (we all know I already had the neon pink and gold leaf paint at home, so that was no additional cost 😉 

The painted antlers are a huge pop of color in my office. Now that the antlers are painted, I cannot believe I ever wanted to leave them natural!

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