DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Storage Baskets

I have previously shared my love for Moroccan Wedding Blankets in a prior DIY- a Moroccan Wedding Blanket Table Runner.  That DIY was more loosely based- I switched it up with some gold sequin instead of the traditional silver.  For these storage baskets, I stuck to the original beautiful versions of Moroccan wedding blankets I have seen on Pinterest.  And, as per my usual, this DIY is NO SEW!

Plain Storage Baskets *
Fabric Glue
Silver Sequin Stretch Trim 1 inch
Silver Sequin Trim 6mm (not shown, I decided to add it in after I began work on the baskets and the material shot was already taken)
Fringe Trim
Optional- pretty silver/white trim I found at fabric store…

* I purchased mine at H&M Home (my newest online home obsession…) I liked the “slouchy” look they had for the baskets

** length of trim needed is based on the size of your baskets

How to Make a DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket Storage Basket

There are no in process shots for this one, because it was quite simple- I glued the trim to the basket, alternating sequins and fringe.  I used clothespins and a heavy book to help seal the glue.

I flipping love them.  I cannot afford a Moroccan Wedding Blanket for my bed or wall, so these help soothe the desire!

Everyone stores confetti and ribbons in storage baskets near a tray full of disco balls, right?

For readers at home, who may not have containers of confetti to store-  the storage baskets make a great use for remote controls, electronics, toys, etc…

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