DIY Floral Heart Wall Installation

Announcing a new annual tradition on A Bubbly Life- HEART week for Valentine’s Day!  I hope I do not run out of heart DIYs for next year, but let’s face it- I decorate with hearts year round (clipboard, jewelry organizer, heart lanterns and there are more but I think I got my point across 😉  so I am sure there will be tons!

One of the reasons I love this floral heart DIY is it will last a long time, unlike a floral wreath with no water system- you can add water everyday to this installation and it will last as long as any flower you may have in a vase.

If you are looking for Valentine gift ideas- DO THIS!  It is incredibly simple and SO much better than a normal bouquet.  A little DIY effort goes along way (I am talking to you men out there looking for the perfect Valentine gift;) 

How To Make A Floral Heart Wreath Bouquet


Wet Floral Foam
Heart Container (I picked up mine at the 99cent store)
Flowers  (I used carnations, but ANY flower will work, pick your Valentine’s favorite!)
Floral Tape
Command Strips for hanging

Place your foam block in a sink full of water (enough to cover it) Do not submerge it yourself- the foam will fill with water on its’ own and sink to bottom when complete.  Wet floral foam is filled with tons of tiny cells do not mess it up and let it do its’ own thing!

My cool photo of it in my sink:

Lift out of sink and let any excess water drip off.  Fit into your container- you can now cut the floral foam with a knife to make it fit.  It is ok if it does not cover the entire heart.  Flower petals will take up empty space, so you can allow a couple inches of space:

Tape the foam into your heart container with floral tape (found at any floral shop, even ones in grocery stores!)  (NOTE: I used masking tape, but I was warned it will not hold as well, so this may be one of the times that you should do as I say and not as I do)

 Cut flowers at a diagonal to go into the foam: ( it is best to cut flowers while the stem is submerged in water)

Once you fill your entire heart, you are done and ready to hang!

I would like to clarify that this is my husband’s arm holding the heart up, I am not that hairy.  Also, I have him holding it, because I did not want to put command strips on it (they tend to leave a residue that is VERY difficult to remove from our brick) But I really wanted a photo of it with the brick…  (I am sorry, I love you readers, but I still could not do it)  

Hope you will enjoy HEART DIY week for the easiest, BEST Valentine ideas ever!  But, the best gift ever is always LOVE (or giving your wife the chance to sleep in while you take care of the babies *hint*)

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