DIY Industrial Lightbox

This DIY is a tale of inspiration; it started out with a little idea and as the pieces came together, I fell in love! I could not be happier and want HUGE light box installations in my house now!!

My husband used LED strips for lighting underneath our kitchen cabinets. It was a simple adhesive strip that stuck to our cabinets- it looked pretty and I loved it. Then, weeks later, I ran across a shadow box at the thrift store for $1.99-  and A HUGE LIGHTBULB WENT OFF IN MY HEAD!!!

I needed a light box for my office (I use the term “need” loosely…)   and my husband unwittingly came up with the perfect solution.

Shadow Box
LED Light Strip
Frosted Glass Spray
Sticker (preferably vinyl and removable so you can change out)

How To Make A Light Box:

Remove glass from frame and spray paint with frosted glass.  I used two coats.  (No picture of this step)

Drill a hole into the shadow box to fit LED cord through.

The LED strips from Amazon are very long, just cut as needed for the size frame you use.  (your first cut will have the plug part, if you wish to make additional light boxes, you will need to solder new power cords to the light strip)

Remove adhesive backing and line the inside of the box.

Get your sticker on! For the first time ever, I really want a Cricut! Vinyl would be awesome so I could change the look of the light box anytime!

You are done and now have the most awesome light box for your room.

It even looks super cool when it is unlit:





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