DIY Concrete Copper Pipe Cake Stand

A project made from scrap parts!  I had some copper piping leftover from my two projects- a copper pipe iPad holder and copper pipe marble plant stand.  It was not a ton of copper pipe, but not so little that I would want to waste it.  I also have lots of concrete leftover from a couple other projects and a cake stand was born…

How to Make a Copper Pipe Concrete Cake Stand

4 cut pieces of copper pipe- 6.5 inches each
2 cut pieces of copper pipe- 4.5 inches each
4 copper pipe elbow fittings
Glue (elmer’s pro bond, liquid nails, e600)

8 inch disposable tin pie plate
Disposable gloves for mixing concrete
Cooking oil spray
Cardboard box large enough to hold pie plate
Duct tape

Spray Paint (optional)

Glue elbows to both sides of the 4.5 inch pieces.  
Glue the 6.5 inch pieces to the open elbows.
Make your concrete following instructions on box (*use gloves when working with the concrete). Spray the cooking oil onto the pie tin (this will make it much easier to remove the concrete when it is solid) Put your pie tin in a cardboard box. Pour concrete into pie tin.  
Put your copper pipe into the concrete and wrap one loop of duct tape around top of copper pipe and other end of duct tape to cardboard box. (this keeps the duct tape straight while the concrete hardens.) 
Remove from pie tin and you are done!
I love the look of pink and copper and so, I spray painted the concrete pink. Spray paint probably wont last forever on concrete, but I STILL have gold spray painted stripes on my concrete planters– that are nearly two years old, so I am content with this method.
These are not food safe- so remember to throw a wrapper underneath that cake or cupcake when using!

If you want a different look than a modern cake stand- try a shabby chic version with pastels that I did here!

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