DIY Brushstroke Leather Planters


It is official- today is Earth Day! To honor Earth Day, I saved a common item in my household- coffee cans- from the recycle bin and made planters!

Tin Cans- I used a large coffee can & two diced tomato cans*
Vegan Leather Hide (I used a faux white leather vegan fabric or you can use real leather)
Not shown in pic-
Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Cactus/Succulents/Aloe Vera whatever your heart desires

* Plain glass jars is another option

Before we go into the directions- you may ask, why not just spray paint white and add brushstrokes? I wanted to give the planters texture and also wanted to cover the tin can lines.

My original idea did not include the brushstrokes, I wanted a white shiny texture- I pictured a sleek modern look to hold a cactus- and when it was done,  I thought: “Wow, that is incredibly boring looking…” and was thoroughly disappointed.  Then I added paint and was so happy that I went to Lowe’s, bought more plants and made two more (the pink is the O.G.)


Cut leather to size of can, leave excess fabric on bottom and top to be able to fold over and glue.

Glue outside of can and let dry.  Glue fabric to bottom part of can and let seal (place a heavy book on top)

Fold over excess white on top of can and glue inside of can to hold down fabric.

Fill with dirt, add your plant and you are done!

P.S. The pink version does not come up as well in the photos, as it is a bit too light for photos, but it looks so good in person, so I did not darken it.

And now all the colors individually! (Can you guess which one is my favorite? )

It’s the pink one 😉 (surprised?)… I love this one, love the shape of the can, color and cactus.


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