DIY Geometric Organization Inspiration Board

My kids are not in school yet, but this does not mean I cannot join the back to school organization party that is going on in blog land!   I love having inspiration boards in my office and this is so easy to do and can be done for less than $15 and in 30 minutes (although let the paint dry a bit before attaching the bulldog clips)

Material List:
Plywood piece (home improvement stores have a variety of sizes, get the size you need!) 
Washi Tape or Painter’s Tape
Paint (I used 3 different colors)
Paint brushes
Spray Paint
Bulldog Clips
Chisel (some kind of flat tool to get thumbtack in)

Also, I chose not to hang mine, you will need to add hardware to hang or you can use rope and a staple gun to hang as seen on my mud cloth board.

Spray paint your bulldog clips if you are a gold gal like myself.  Or keep them silver.  Or spray paint them hot pink. Whatever your awesome heart desires.

Tape up your board.  I did the design pretty random.  I wanted lots of shape and also wanted lots of negative space with the wood.

Paint.  (I forgot to photograph this step…) Remove tape as soon as you done painting.  I would paint all the areas that was connected to one taped area at once, so that I could remove immediately.  It is best not to let paint dry before removing tape.  If it dries, it could dry on tape and rip off when you remove the tape.

Finished painting:

Now, time to add your bulldog clips!! Put the thumbtack in one hole of the bulldog clip to attach to wood. The plywood sheet had soft spots, so some thumbtacks went in with a small push, others needed a tool to help press it down (I used a chisel but any flat edge tool will do) .

Alternatively, you can add hooks if you want a different look.

So, I kinda LOVE it!  My walls are getting ridiculous though and I need to get rid of some of my DIYs… I have two cork boards- ombre & scalloped.  Mud cloth organizer, geometric peg board, and now this… 

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