DIY Two Toned Manicure Or How I Get 2 Manicures for the Price of One

If you follow me along in Instagram, you probably know I like to do fun designs on my nails (me holding a yellow watermelon a couple weeks ago)

Previously on A Bubbly Life,  I used to take photos holding the DIYs or the tutorial process and never even thought about my nails. Friends who read A Bubbly Life told me: “Hey, we love you and your blog, but your nails look like sh*t, woman, pull it together.”  Thanks friends, I love you too.

So, that stopped about 2 years ago and in comes manicures as an expense for the blog.  And, manicures get expensive!  I am a mom & a DIYer, so manicures really do not last long and gel manicures not only destroy my nails, but I need to change the color frequently to match a DIY- so gel manicures are out as an option.

So, how do you extend a manicure and get two for the price of one?  And look so stylish (lol 😉 that people ask you all the time how do you do them?

2 colors of nail polish

First step-  go get a nice manicure or if you can do it yourself- go for it!

I could never do them this good

P.S.- I love white nail polish. (I am pretty sure it is in my About Me page)

Second step- If you are a blogger, time your manicure around your photo shoots so your nails look awesome and to avoid hate texts from your friends.

Third Step- Go on with your life and watch your manicure get chipped.  Thank you children, dirty dishes and diys.  It typically takes 3-5 days for them to get like this.

Using tape (I used washi tape here so that it was visible, but regular tape will work).  Create your design dependent upon where the nail chips are.  Each nail may look different because the chips may be on different sides. (I think the more different the nails are the better it looks)

Apply two light coats of your alternate color.  Remove the tape immediately after the second coat.  (If it dries too much you may rip off the color when you remove the tape)

And there you go!

P.P.S.  I am not a beauty blogger, but I am pretty sure the standard for manicure tutorials is to hold a disco ball.  If not, it should be.

I just updated my Instagram with a fall version!

Here is another color off my Instagram- Pink and blue manicure.  Pink was the base and only my right side had a chip on top, so I decided to do this one straight up middle.

So, if you see me on Instagram with 2 colors on my nail, you now know my secret.  It means I got chips on them and decided to be frugal wise and make it cool looking instead of getting my nails re-done!

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