Recipe Cinnamon Apple Honey Chips

Anyone been apple picking this Fall yet?? I would love to go but the closest place is four hours from Phoenix (where just last week it was 100, but we are getting the cooler temps now! Like 80! That is awesome for us!!)  Anyhoo, I cannot go apple picking but instead will live vicariously through photos on Instagram and buy a big bag of apples at Trader Joe’s and make these apple chips.  Only 4 ingredients- and I am revealing my secret one to make them extra tasty!

Honey (I used a raw, organic honey from a local Arizona place called AZ Rango Honey)*
Coconut Oil Spray (thats the no longer secret ingredient 😉
* Raw, organic honey is so much better tasting than that cute little honey bear bottle at the grocery store.

Thinly slice your apples.  I use a mandolin for this, if you have the knife skills give that a try instead. I still cut myself using a mandolin (I really should use a hand guard), so thinly slicing with apples with a chef’s knife is a skill I lack.

Preheat oven to 225. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lay apple slices down in one layer.  (You can also use aluminum foil and grease the pan with the coconut oil spray.)  

Spray the apple slices with coconut spray, shake cinnamon all over, & drizzle with honey.  
Place in oven for an hour and flip and cook for another hour until crispy.  I like to add more cinnamon when I flip, but that is optional 😉

Cooking these for 2 hours makes your entire house smell like a perfect Fall, apple, cinnamony (not a real word) afternoon and I can almost feel like I am back East soaking in Fall.  It also makes your 4 year old and husband ask every 5 minutes when the apple chips will be ready and ruin your perfect Fall blissful dreams…

The coconut spray is my secret ingredient- it adds a very subtle flavor that when you skip the spray you notice the difference! Enjoy! 

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