Gift Guide: Personalized Gifts For Men

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Ok, admittedly this gift guide can be for anyone in your life, not just the men.  But, I have the worst time finding things to buy my husband and these are all for him, so it makes a perfect guy gift guide, as opposed to my girl gift guide last week. My husband does not want Kate Spade’s latest book, so, this is a gift guide for the special guy in your life!

I decided to try the personalized gift route this year! And, he saw 2 of the gifts (I could not resist showing him the ones with photos of our girls) and he loves them and asked what else I can have made with the girl’s photos on them, haha- so I would say it was a success.

I am telling him not to read this blog post so the rest can be a surprise, but I needed it here early, so that you can order your personalized Christmas gifts in time!

iPhone case– Filled with photos of our girls!

iPad case- Again, I filled it with photos of our girls!  I also have to wrap this one as it did not quite fit in the stocking (the first photo in the blog post).  I made my own wrapping paper on Shutterfly– a black & white tree pattern to go along with our black and white theme for Nick’s gifts.  You can do a pattern or fill wrapping paper with photos of your family!

A candle.  Yes, Nick loves the smell of candles and candle ambiance. Would he go to the store and buy an awesome smelling candle on his own? No.  So, he will get them in his stocking, make a joke about it then ask me to light the candle so the house smells like Christmas.

The stocking I designed on Shutterfly as well.  You can do photo ones, Art Library or your own design for a stocking.  I am considering doing photos of each of us for our own stockings? Yes?  no? Thoughts? (How cute would that be?)

Portable charger.  Although this is a gift for him, it is also for me.  His phone is always dead and he complains so much about it.  Portable charge- ends complaining.  Win-Win.  (I love you, honey.) I used Shutterfly’s new Art Library for the design.  You can pick from a variety of designs, patterns, and quotes. Again, I went with the black and white theme for his charger, but I really had a hard time choosing because there were so many fun options.

Ornaments– Again, with the girls.  I will give these every year so we can capture every year with the girls.  Imagine what our tree will look like when they are 18?  So cute.  You can also use use ornaments as gift toppers, hang from a stocking or a place card!

So, I am feeling pretty great that I got most of my husband’s Christmas gifts done!! What ones would you go for??  I think Nick’s favorite is the iPhone case, but he did only see 2 of the gifts.  He is just gonna love the rest of them!!! Shhhhhh….

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