DIY Printable Christmas Gift Tags Using Adobe Photoshop Elements

I am an Adobe Photoshop Elements ambassador and have been compensated for this post, all opinions are my own!

Although I run a DIY blog, I have many weaknesses in certain creative areas- my handwriting is just a notch better than a doctor’s and I cannot really draw- unless stick figures count 😉

But, I like to add personal touches to my gifts and this is where I let Adobe Photoshop Elements do most of the work!

For any of my printables on A Bubbly Life- like I love you To the Moon & Back Nursery Printable & DIY Wrapping Paper  I simply use fun fonts and custom shapes to create them!  And, you can too- and it is SO simple.

1. Create a New File and Click Preset and choose US Paper- Photoshop Elements makes it easy for you and has an 8X10 easy, printable size for you!

2.  Find and download your custom shapes or fonts.  Google comes in handy here! Search Google for your desired shape/font- example- “free Christmas shapes photoshop”
Many custom shapes or fonts are free to use for personal use (and some for commercial)  However, some may require payment.  All my shapes I used here were free, but I paid for the font.  (Also, be sure to download from a reputable site) 

3. Add your shapes/fonts to Photoshop Elements.  For a Mac, I open my download and drop and drag to the Custom Shape folder.  For fonts, drag and drop to Font Book.
*If Photoshop Elements is open, you will need to close and re-open to see your new fonts and/or custom shapes.

Time to make your gift tags!

4.  Choose Custom Shape and Pick your Tag.  You can make it smaller or larger by dragging your mouse to get your desired size.

5.  Add whatever you may want to say! I used my tags for favors.  You can do a To-From, Add another fun Christmas shape (like the trees) whatever you like!

When adding font/shape to the gift tag, be sure that the Shape Layer is selected, not the background (as noted in the screenshot)

When done click Merge Visible to combine layers and save as a PDF for easy printing. (Please note, you may want to save as a .psd file first so you can make changes later, you cannot make changes once you merge layers and save) 

6. Print on cardstock paper, cut, add a hole punch and ribbon and tie to a favor or tape to a gift!

You can download my Christmas gift tags here- pink and black versions are available.

There you have it, you can make most any printable with these tips.  Star Wars fan? I used a Star Wars font to create a nursery printable for a baby room! The possibilities are endless and you do not need to be a graphic designer or illustrator- you just need Photoshop Elements- Cheers!!

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