Happy 2016!!!

A new year and a look back at 2015 with overwhelming gratitude.  So many new readers and for the ones who stuck it through- thank you all!!

After my 2nd child, Colette,  was born in Jan 2014, the blog kind of slowed down as I did with severe postpartum depression and a physical injury I sustained from labor.  I thought I would not be able to get the blog back.  I thought everything I had worked for was gone for good (which is not helpful to a depressed person, ha!)

After therapy and treatment, I had a renewed focus and went back to A Bubbly Life in Feb 2015. I came close to some goals, exceeded others and have had opportunities I never dreamed of receiving.  I can not thank you all enough.  For reading, commenting, emailing, tweeting, pinning, sharing and your support and encouragement.

I love what I do.  I love to create.  I love to try and make pretty things and make them in mere minutes… it keeps me sane while my girls are running circles around me.

This next year at A Bubbly Life, I will be sharing more of our home.  My husband was in the Army for 8 years and we were nomads for a good part of it and never purchased much “real” furniture or decor. It all had to be- “Well, if it breaks in next move we wont care…”  (good riddance, futon of my 20s, you suck!)

So, what will you see of our home in next few weeks and months??

Kid’s playroom.  A brand new edition to our house. The kids toys are taking over the house, hopefully a playroom will alleviate the toy messes.

Our master bedroom.  Currently, our bedroom has a king metal bed frame in it, one full length mirror I scored from a thrift store and one plant (I L-O-V-E plants, even if I keep killing them).  It needs some work.  Although, I love a minimalist look for our bedroom, so not much might be done.

some bedroom reading

My office.  A disaster area that needs help.  I look at it and get over whelmed and just wanna nap.

My closet.  One roller rack and a small dresser.  I am gonna DIY the shiznit out of it.

Of course, there will be the sparkly breaks in between of party and fun DIYs.  Colette’s 2nd birthday is coming up and the theme is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Sooo excited for that silver sparkle celebration!!

2016, here we come!!

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