Photoshop Elements- The Guided Edits!

A new month and a new tutorial for Adobe Photoshop Elements 14!  I use Photoshop Elements everyday to edit photos for A Bubbly Life.  But, what if you are new to editing? Or want to add a cool effect to your photo with no effort? Guided Edits are awesome.

Photoshop Elements 14 makes it much easier to do Guided Edits with a more organized toolbar on top for all the different type of edits you may want:

I am under Fun Edits and if you notice the Speed Effect is a new one in Elements 14! (I also happen to love Pop Art- using the guided edit is much easier to make cool pop art then the numerous steps you would have to take using standard edits. )

My husband and my daughter, Kalia are shown here:

Pretty impressive throw, huh? haha!  So, I used the speed effect to make it look even cooler.

Choose the quick selection tool, do not worry if you add too much, you can refine it later.

You can change the angle and increase, decrease the effect:

Add focus area to remove and add where you want the speed effect.

And now, we can see how she flew into air!

See you next month for another Photoshop Elements tutorial!  Let me know if there is anything you would love to learn!

I am Adobe Photoshop Elements ambassador and have been compensated for this post.

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  1. Gloria Gilbert says:

    I loved this tutorial on using the Elements-Guided . I do a lot of editing on photos and just did not take the time to look at and really use Guided. Now, I will. Thank you!

  2. Akena Smith says:

    Hi my name is Princeton Chance I’m 7yrs old. I’m new to editing. Any suggesting’s on software/ programs. I want to be a cartoonist/voice actor & editor. I spend a lot of time creating.

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