Top 10 Posts of 2015 & A Where Are They Now!?

Time for a year in review of your favorite projects from A Bubbly Life!  These are the most trafficked posts in 2015.  What is your favorite?  Or did your favorite miss the list?

And, I included a special- “Where are they now?”  for each one (anyone remember that VH1 show? It was awesome & I would get sucked in every time, even if it was about 70s stars I had never heard of, I HAD to know what happened to them) So, this is the blogger version-  Ever wonder what bloggers do with all the stuff we make?  Do we keep it? Do we kill all our plants that show up in our photos? Find out!

Number 10Copper Mirror.

Where is it now?  Hanging on my plant shelf.  I now search thrift stores for a HUGE circle mirror.  I want this even bigger for another room in house.  The copper mirror is my all time favorite of my home DIYs.  So happy it just barely made the list! Plant: STILL Alive!

Number 9Bunny Chalk.

Where is it now?  We surprisingly still have a ton of it!  Kalia uses it on our patio for hopscotch and scribbles.

Number 8- MudCloth Organizer.

Where is it now?  In my office, alongside other organizers.  I am moving into a new room in house for my work and will know then where it ends up! Plants: Sadly, the cactus and air plant did not make it. (Yes, I even kill cactus…)

Number 7- Hanging Copper Planter.
Oh, I love this one!

Where is it now?  Waiting to be hung in a room.  I love it and I am keeping it, but we just finished a remodel, so it sits in my office for now.  Aloe plant– deceased.

Number 6Marbled Makeup Brushes

Where are they now?  The girls dress up box.  I very rarely wear makeup!

Number 5My 5 Most Used Photo Editing Tools- One of my posts as an Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Ambassador and a view into my editing process! How I make the photo above go to no feet and glam!

Number 4-  Marbled Feathers  A newbie (November post) made it this big.  People on instagram & facebook discussed how some of the markings looked like an animal.  I voted a lion.  What do you think?

Where are they now?  Boring answer- Stored in office for future use as props.

Number 3Copper Marble Plant Stand.  Unlike the rest of this list, I never caught that this was popular throughout year. This was a slow and steady build and gets very consistent views from you! Thank you!

Where is it now?  I did not glue the marble tile to the copper platform because I needed the tile for another project.  The girls used the copper stand as a walker and fought over it constantly. I put it in garage with intention to get a new tile for it, the stand still waits. Plant: deceased. 🙁 But I did have him for a long time…

Number 2Disco Ball Succulent Planters.
I heart these. So glad you love them too.

Where is it now? My office. Plants: The succulent in the silver disco ball died fairly quickly.  The pink one lasted until December! 9 whole months!! (A miracle for a plant killer like me… )  I now have a couple new ones with cacti!

And… my number one post of the year was  Glitter Pills!!!   I made these to give out with my business cards at Alt Summit, I still give them out here and there… maybe I should do it more often!

Where are they now?  Glitter pills are all over, baby! Conference attendees, networking events, giveaway winners, etc…

Let’s see what 2016 has in store for us!  And maybe I should take care of my plants better, only one on this list is alive…

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