5 Backdrop Ideas For Blog & Instagram Photos

Photo backdrops can make or break a photo.  Maybe you need some added texture or depth to your photo object- a backdrop can do that!  Need some color to help make it pop?  Or a clean, non busy background to keep the eyes on the main event- a DIY?  These are 5 of my favorite backdrops to use- all but 1 are very inexpensive- less than $13! And, I even included a little DIY for you on how to make one!

Marble-  ($9) An easy DIY hack! Marble is very heavy (and expensive), so instead of buying a slab for photos- I have a foam board (99 cent store) covered in marble contact paper– a cheap, lightweight solution.  (also, you will have marble contact paper leftover to use in DIY projects 😉

Marble Cutting Boards– ($10-$200)  I love these!  On the blog, I use them mostly for my cocktail photos and not DIYs. On Instagram, I try to get shots of things I am prepping/cooking.  If you have wood ones and it fits your aesthetic- go with what you own!

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These are not necessarily budget friendly, but I did get one at Home Goods for $10 so it is possible to find deals!  And the Cost Plus I have linked has a copper handle and is only $15! (I want that one!) 

While this is technically a photo prop, I consider marble boards the main background for most of my cocktail shoots.

Examples: Blog: Tequila Citrus Cocktail & Spiked Cinnamon Roll Apple Cider & White Spa Inspired Sangria  
Instagram: Home Goods Steal One  &  Cauliflower Soup Prep  & Turkey Brining Prep

Foam Boards/White IKEA AS-IS Backdrops ($.99- $8) White Foam boards are only 99 cents, but I get them flipping dirty so easily.  The majority of my white background shots are a piece of IKEA white cabinet found in the as-is section.  They have a ton of sizes and are in the $5-$8 range.  I prefer them to white foam since I can clean them easily.

Examples: Blog: DIY Conversation Heart Treat Bags & DIY Glitter Pills   Instagram:  Cranberry & Orange Prep & Flower Petals

Faux Sheepskin Rugs- ($12.99) I picked up mine from Ikea.  I use this in my office on the back of my chair, so it is decor as well!

Thrifted Fabrics/Tablecloths/Sheets ($1-$5)  

My go to is my whitish cream tablecloth.  I keep it wrinkly, it adds some texture.  And I hate ironing with a passion. Win-win.

Examples- Blog: Rose Diary Styling for Urban Outfitters & DIY Boho Tambourines  Instagram: Picking Styling Props  &  Setting The Table

Another thrifted favorite- Polka Dot Twin Sheet
Examples- Blog: Happy Birthday in a Box & DIY Party in a Box & DIY Skull Cake Plate

I have more backdrops but this is a beast of a post- so take it in, buy some marble contact paper and make a backdrop and a part two will be coming 😉

I hope this encourages you to start your journey as a blogger or get some new ideas if you are already blogging!  All these ideas are affordable and easy to obtain!!Please let me know if you have anything else you might want to see in The Creative Entrepreneur Series!

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