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When my Mom died last month, one of my blog friend’s, Colleen at Lemon Thistle offered to write a guest post or anything I needed in meantime.  I remembered Colleen does the most beautiful hand lettering prints.  I asked if she would write the line ” For I Cant Help Falling in Love With You” to celebrate my parent’s 43rd wedding anniversary (August 2nd). The Elvis song is their song.  

My parents have an amazing how they met love story.  My Mom called the place my Dad worked to talk to someone and my Dad happened to answer the phone, they ended up talking for four and a half hours. They made a date for Saturday.  It was an afternoon date as my Mom realized she had no idea who this guy was and made dinner plans with friends as a safety net.  The date was a success. They had a date Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. and Thursday they knew it was love.  One month and 3 days after that Saturday date, they were married.  They spent all their money on a honeymoon suite at the Plaza hotel.  Their friends brought lasagna.  So, for 43 years they had lasagna for dinner on August 2nd and that is what I had last night with my Dad to celebrate their anniversary.

The work is beautiful, thank you so much Colleen.  She graciously shared the printables that you can download and print yourself here.  (Please note, for personal use only) 

Love you Mom and Dad- 

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