DIY Party Hacks for Holiday Entertaining!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Riondo Prosecco through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Riondo Prosecco, all opinions are my own.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I took a break from hosting this year, which was a bit of a bummer, because, as all you readers knows-  I absolutely love, love, LOVE entertaining for the holidays (or any occasion or any day, or it is Monday and I survived the day and my children are still alive type celebrations)  And, I like to keep my entertaining simple AND stylish.  Therefore, I partnered with Riondo Prosecco to bring you a couple simple ideas for celebrating the season with friends.

My love for eucalyptus runs deep.  Per my usual method, I clipped some branches from our eucalyptus tree, but you can purchase eucalyptus and other greens at the grocery store very inexpensively.  Or use some Christmas tree trimmings to decorate.  Party Hack 1– Tie a small branch of eucalyptus around each sparkling wine glass to add some extra flair.  It took maybe 2 minutes to clip and tie.  Simple entertaining.

Prosecco must be cold.  Instead of keeping the prosecco in the refrigerator, I like easy access when unwinding with friends and prefer to keep the prosecco in an ice bucket on the table.  That way we can grab it while chatting away and de-stressing from the holiday rush. So, I made some colorful ice cubes to keep in the bucket.  Party Hack 2- Freeze some eucalyptus leaves, cranberries and pomegranate seeds and you have yourself a pretty ice bucket.  Since the ice cubes are NOT for drinking and chilling the wine bottle, eucalyptus is fine to use, do not use the ice cubes in a drink and drink eucalyptus leaves.  Bonus party hack- I like to use a mini muffin pan because I love the mini muffin pan ice cube shape.

The twist enclosure on the prosecco- Thank you.  Have you ever gotten home from one of those super long days and said holy cr*p, I am so thankful for screw tops because I am even too exhausted to properly open up a bottle of wine?  Maybe you have even written that exact statement as a Facebook status? 😉 (Yes, I have)
Or maybe you are in your 30s and a so called adult but you are still a little scared to open up a bottle of sparkling wine and take someone’s eye out with the cork?  Needless to say, I am best buddies with this twist enclosure.
Party Hack 3- buy cranberries and throw them around on your table- instant, colorful confetti table decoration.  Freeze them and save them for next year’s decorating too (although, maybe do not eat those ones…)
Party Hack 4-  Enjoy yourself this holiday season! Cheers to celebrating, relaxing and unwinding with friends!  Unwind with a glass of prosecco after a long day of shopping, party planning and enjoy the season!
 Happy Holidays my friends!  Stick around all month for simple decorating, gift ideas, DIYS & more!!  

Post sponsored by Riondo Prosecco, thank you for supporting brands that keep A Bubbly Life going!

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