DIY Mini Eucalyptus Trees

I am not sure how it came to be one of my things, but apparently I do mini Christmas trees for decorating every year?  Last year, I made tinsel trees and the year prior fringe Christmas trees (a reader favorite every holiday!)  This year, I thought I would use one of my favorite materials, eucalyptus.  I have made an eucalyptus wreath, a eucalyptus HEART wreathtied eucalyptus around drinks and there is more. Search it on the blog.   I love it.  It helps that I have a yard with a couple eucalyptus trees- it makes for easy crafting.

Eucalyptus Trimmings
Floral Wire (I used a rose gold color since the wire does show a bit)
I hope this is a clear way to explain my method of making the mini Christmas tree, because there really is no right or wrong way.  I wrapped a strand of eucalyptus around the cardboard cone and then used the wire to tie and keep in place.  I repeated that step over and over.  I would be lying if I said it was easy.  I love easy diys.  It is all I do, if it takes too long or is too hard, I am #noonehastimeforthat  But, once I tied about 3 strands of eucalyptus around and despite leaves falling and my frustration, I liked it.  And decided to keep going.  So, instead of my usual 5 minute DIY, it probably took 20 minutes instead.  Not that big of a deal I guess but I like to keep it real around here .

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