Nutella Peppermint Hot Chocolate Spiked (Or Not!) Recipe

For the past couple years, I have held a Christmas Day brunch open house and it is so much fun.  A couple of my best friends come by,  my family, Nick’s family blahblahblah.  All of us with kids have been up for 5-6 hours by the time brunch starts, so I always serve coffee, Nutella hot chocolate, orange juice… And I offer all them spiked (haha, mimosa- get it?)

Anyhoo, a crowd favorite is the warm pot of Nutella hot chocolate I leave on the stove.  I leave peppermint schnapps beside it.  There is no rule to how much peppermint schnapps to add- pour whatever you need to make you feel “warm”   If you do not want to add alcohol, peppermint extract is a perfect substitute- you only need a couple drops- it goes a long way.

As for the Nutella hot chocolate, I typically use a hot chocolate mix my friend makes, add it to milk on the stove and whisk in Nutella.  I make a huge batch and use about half a bottle of Nutella.  Who doesn’t like Nutella?  It adds such a rich, creamy delicious flavor to the hot chocolate… mmm…

Serve with marshmallows and candy canes.  Yum, yummy, yum.

Enjoy your hot chocolate this Christmas season- spiked or not- it is delicious!

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