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Hey all,  it is Fri-dayyyyyy!! I have a few more posts coming your way next week before closing up shop for the holidays.  Instead of a gift guide this week, I am sharing a simple printable.

This year has been pretty crazy.  I am in the holiday season for the first time without my Mom.  I knew it would be difficult, but it is about a million times harder than I thought it would be.  Some days, it almost feels like those first few horrible weeks of life without her, when I thought there was no way this was real life and my Mom would answer her phone at any moment and my nightmare would be over. 

Christmas is just filled with so much. Its my childhood.  Its so many memories.  I’m so thankful for 2 little girls who need me to make Christmas special because they keep me going. I’m so thankful my Mom & Dad made the holidays so wonderful for all of us.  I know the reason I grieve so hard now is because they made everything so wonderful during the holidays all my life and omg- when I had the girls- crazy, adoring Grandparents and I mean a bit crazy. Seriously, I am talking stockings larger than my 5 year old. 

Anyhow, beyond my personal grief, I know there is this huge world out there in so much turmoil, with millions of stories of loss, grief and heartache.  Haha, Im so cheerful right now, eh?  But, I ultimately believe in the good of all people and believe small acts of kindness can cause change. Even change in one person’s heart makes a difference.

If you know someone who is grieving this holiday season, let them know you are thinking of them, give them a hug, tell a story about the person they miss, share a cup of coffee, clean their house, watch the kids for a weekend… Maybe I went a little too far, but you get the gist of it. 

Much love & peace to all of YOU and Thank you for reading & following along, xoxo

Download free printable here and be on the lookout next week for a sparkly way to update a holiday print!

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